Aekalak PhitakphubetKru Fai

Alias: Aekalak Phitakphubet
  • Head Instructor.
  • Have competed in Muay Thai boxing in Bangkok and other provinces more than 115 times.

Skills: Muay Thai (since 1985)

Sakniran K. SaklumphunKru Ran

Alias: Sakniran K. Saklumphun
  • Rajabhat University, Muay Thai boxing Champion within 3 years.
  • Have participated in the national Muay Thai competition.

Skills: Muay Thai (since 2010)

Tong J SitphetananKru Tong J

Alias: Tong J Sitphetanan
  • Amateur Muay Thai Championship (Asian Beach Games Competition).
  • Bronze medal, Amateur Muay Thai boxing World Championship.
  • Gold medal, Amateur Muay Thai boxing Army Sport.

Skills: Muay Thai (since 2006)

Phaya Tor T. Huay RaiKru Tor

Alias: Phaya Tor T. Huay Rai
  • Have participated in the Muay Thai Championship competition (2 years).
  • 2nd runner up in the Muay Thai World University Games.

Skills: Muay Thai (since 2009)

Super Ball P. PrachansriKru Ball

Alias: Super Ball P. Prachansri
  • Have participated in the Amateur Muaythai Championship (2 years).
  • Have participated in the Thai boxing sport for the Army (2 years).

Skills: Muay Thai (since 2007)

Mike Hmon T. Huay RaiKru Mike

Alias: Mike Hmon T. Huay Rai
  • Used to be a Muay Thai instructor in China (2 years).
  • Have experience teaching Muay Thai more than 7 years.

Skills: Muay Thai (since 2007)

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